Echo Investment launches Galeria Libero

Echo Investment has obtained a building permit for the construction of Galeria Libero, which is to be built on Kościuszki St. in the southern part of Katowice. The investor also concluded a contract with the city hall concerning the road layout around the facility.

© Echo Investment; visualization of Galeria Libero
© Echo Investment; visualization of Galeria Libero

“We are starting the construction of Galeria Libero. Work related to the preparation of the building site and the demolition of existing facilities is to start in July” – says Mariusz Szatański, project manager in Echo Investment’s Shopping Center Department.

Also the developer plans to reshape the surroundings of the mall. “We have recently signed an agreement with authorities of Katowice, which will make it possible to redevelop the road layout. The new road solution will considerably streamline the traffic in this part of the city as well as provide easy access to the shopping center. Most importantly the capacity of the crossroads will be increased. Additional lanes in each direction, a grade-separated crossing with Kościuszki St. for the vehicles going towards the city center will considerable improve traffic parameters. We are also planning the construction of pavements and new cycle paths along the entire redeveloped area” – Mariusz Szatański added.

“We are launching the construction process but we are still working on the details of the project. We want our facility to be customer-friendly and offer a sense of comfort. The convenient road solution which is to be developed thanks to successful cooperation with the city of Katowice is one of the most important factors which will impact the perception of the shopping center by customers” – says Marcin Materny, director of Echo Investment’s Shopping Center Department.

He also explains the idea of the project. “We want to create a place which will enable customers to spend their time actively and creatively. A place which will be a response to residents’ needs and will transform in accordance with changing trends. A high standard and the novelty effect are not sufficient nowadays as far as satisfying customers’ expectations is concerned. Thus such great emphasis on convenience, functionality and aesthetics. That is why we decided to introduce a significantly broader gastronomy, entertainment and sports offer compared to our competition. The offer of Libero does not just include popular chain tenants but also local, proven and trustworthy concepts. It also includes new formulas such as the ‘Food & Ball’ social pub of Arek Milik, which offers sport excitement as well a modern culinary approach”.

Advanced commercialization process is in progress. Contracts have already been signed with Alma Market, which is to open delicatessen with an area of nearly 1 900 sq. meters in Libero. Media Markt, the leader of the electronics market, promises an outlet with a completely new interior design. Echo Investment, the developer of Galeria Libero, is planning to create the largest entertainment and sports offer in the region. The company has already signed contracts with the Helios cinema operator as well as Fabryka Formy – a chain of fitness clubs. Libero will also include the ‘Food & Ball’ sport pub – a new concept of Arkadiusz Milik, a representative of the Polish football who plays for Ajax Amsterdam. Tenants also include the Apteka Europejska chain of pharmacies as well as the Lancerto chain of outlets offering men’s fashion. Advanced negotiations concerning sports-, education- and entertainment-related concepts are in progress.