Education, entertainment and sport academy in Galeria Libero

A dance, language and music school, art and cultural activities, sports offer including football and martial arts – all this will be available in the YA Academy of Success, which is to be opened in Galeria Libero.

The education center will occupy the area of 640 sq. meters and will be opened on the top floor of the shopping center, which is earmarked for sports and cultural activities, specialist services, mostly entertainment, recreation and gastronomy.

„The programme of YA Academy of Success will include art and music classes, dance classes, karate and English lessons. It will be an excellent location for young and older children as well as adults, who want to develop their passions. An ideal place for entire families, where they will be able to spend their time actively and creatively. It is also a practical and convenient solution for parents who will be able to bring children over for various classes and use the waiting time to go shopping, have coffee or attend a language course” – says Michał Banasik, senior leasing manager in the Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

The academy decided to open in Galeria Libero due to its location and the character of the place. „The location on Kościuszki street, in the south of the city, where there is no similar offer available, among housing estates and detached houses, makes the location very attractive for us. Furthermore, the facility’s broad sports and cultural offer as well as its care for users’ comfort are also the assets which will be appreciated particularly by adult participants of the classes offered by the academy and parents who bring over their children” – says Michał Szuba, owner of the YA Academy of Success center.

The construction of Galeria Libero started in the summer last year. The construction takes place according to schedule. The completion of the shell stage is planned for August 2017. Regardless of the construction process, advanced commercialization is in progress. More than 40 percent of the retail area has already been leased. The building will be located at 229 Kościuszki St.

(the pictures were taken on 6th of February 2017)