EEC 2011: first guests revealed

The President of the European Parliament, Commissioners of the European Union, Polish and foreign government officials and representatives of the most recognised firms and corporations, in total over 4 500 people and 900 panelists will meet at the Third European Economic Congress in Katowice (EEC). There are only 48 days left to the largest conference in Central Europe. The EEC will take place from 16th to 18th of May 2011.

The Congress is a three-day cycle of debates, meetings and accompanying events with participation of numerous Polish and foreign guests. Panelists will take part in over 60 sessions and discussions, scope of topics concerns the most significant issues for economic and social development of Europe. The Congress events are covered by around hundred newspapers and TV stations from Poland and Europe. The leading topic of next Congress will be competitive European economy.

The European Economic Congress 2011 will host representatives of companies which are among largest corporations in this part of Europe. These will include DB Schenker Rail, BASF, Deutche Bank, PKO, General Motors Manufacturing Poland, Tauron, Dalkia, ENEA, Grupa Lotos, Kulczyk Investments, SABMiller, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna and World Coal Association.

Among confirmed guests are:
Jerzy Buzek – President of the European Parliament and the Honorary President of the Patronage Council – the EEC 2011 Organizing Committee;
Janusz Lewandowski – EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget;
Petr Nečas – Prime Minister of the Czech Republic;
Iveta Radičová – Prime Minister of Slovakia;
Lech Wałęsa – President of Poland in 1990-1995;
Waldemar Pawlak – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy

Paweł Adamowicz – Mayor of Gdańsk;
Elżbieta Bieńkowska – Minister of Regional Development;
Michał Boni – Minister and Member of the Council of Ministers;
Daniel Braun – Deputy Minister, Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic;
Rafał Dutkiewicz – Mayor of Wrocław;
Aleksander Grad – Minister of the State Treasury;
Andrzej Kraszewski – Minister of Environment;
Robert J. Shapiro – Bill Clinton’s Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, Advisor of Barack Obama;
Piotr Uszok – Mayor of Katowice
Krzysztof Walenczak – Under Secretary, Treasury Department;

Wojciech Balczun – President of the Board, PKP Cargo SA;
Laurent Bresson – Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing and European region, Nexteer Automotive;
Philippe Castanet – Chairman, EDF Polska SA;
Milton Catelin – General Direcotr, World Coal Association;
Jan Chadam – President of the Board, Gaz System SA;
Sándor Demján – Chairman, TriGranit Develpoment Coroporation;
Mirosław Dobrut – President of the Board, EuRoPol GAZ SA;
Alexander Hedderich – Chairman, DB Schenker Rail GmbH;
Michael Hepp – Chairman, BASF Polska Sp. z o.o.;
Wojciech Heydel – President of the Board, RUCH SA;
Zbigniew Jagiełło – President of the Board, PKO Bank Polski;
Krzysztof Kalicki – President of the Board, Deutsche Bank Polska SA;
Małgorzata Kołakowska – President of the Board, ING Bank Śląski SA;
Andrzej Korpak – Head, General Motors Manufacturing Poland;
Jan Kulczyk – President of the Board of Directors, Kulczyk Investments;
Ryszard Kunicki – President of the Board, Ciech SA;
Per Langer – Executive Vice-President, Fortum Oyj;
Eli Leenaars – Member ING Management Board Banking, CEO Retail Banking Direct & International;
Dariusz Lubera – CEO, Director General, Tauron Polska Energia SA;
Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak – Chairman, Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości;
Georg Milbradt – Prime Minister of Saxony in the years 2002-2008;
Paweł Olechnowicz – President of the Board, CEO, Grupa Lotos SA;
Maciej Owczarek – President of the Board, ENEA SA;
Wiesław Różacki – President of the Board, CEO, RAFAKO SA;
Mike Short – Senior Vice President Industry Affairs, SABMiller;
Sławomir S. Sikora – President of the Board, Citi Handlowy;
Ludwik Sobolewski – President of the Board, Giełda Papierów Wartościowych w Warszawie SA;
Jozef Tkáč – Chairman, J&T FINANCE GROUP, a.s.;
Artur Tomasik – President of the Board, Górnośląskie Towarzystwo Lotnicze SA;
Hans-Georg Werner – President of the Board DB Schenker Rail Polska;
Maciej Witucki – President of the Board, Telekomunikacja Polska;
Tomasz Zadroga – President of the Board, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA;
Małgorzata Zaleska – Memebr of the Board, Narodowy Bank Polski.

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