EMC extended Geriatric Hospital

EMC Instytut Medyczny, the largest owner of hospitals and outpatient clinics on the Polish private medical services market, officially opened the extension of its John Paul II Geriatric Hospital in Katowice on Wednesday. Now it offers services of the largest gerontology specialists team in Poland.

The Geriatric Hospital in Katowice came into being in 1961 and was the first gerontology center in Poland. The hospital provides comprehensive care for senior citizens ranging from specialist diagnostics to hospital treatment and rehabilitation.

One year ago, on 12th of September 2013, the company laid a corner stone and commenced the hospital’s extension and the creation of a research and development center. The facility had 38 beds for geriatric patients before the expansion. At present, it offers another 31 beds in the geriatric department and 30 beds for rehabilitation as well as the Rehabilitation Center which was modernly equipped.

The new center of research and development is still being created. It will be established to conduct researches, which are required at the stage of design of new products and techniques to treat psychomotor disorders of elder people. Research rooms of quality and durability, laboratory of study of gait, audiovisual hall, senses research room and other facilities will be created in the center.

The new part of the hospital covers the area of approximately 1 400 sq. meters. The extension cost over PLN 20 million. The investment was financed from several sources, e.g.: stock issue of EMC Instytut Medyczny (PLN 5,1), the Ministry of Economy within the EU funds for the creation of the research and development center (PLN 3,4 million).

The John Paul II Geriatric Hospital in Katowice is managed by EMC Silesia, of which shareholders are EMC Instytut Medyczny and the City of Katowice. This medical facility is located at 31 Morawa St.

By now, 1 200 patients were hospitalized at the geriatric department every year and about 13 500 people used the services of 12 specialists outpatient clinics in Katowice. 60 employees are hired and additional 60 specialists cooperate with the hospital.

The capital group of EMC Instytut Medyczny currently consists of 10 hospitals and 16 outpatient clinics. Approximately 80% of company revenues are performed from contracts with the National Health Fund.