Energy fortress opened in Euro-Centrum

On the last day of February, the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum celebrated the great opening of its newest undertaking – passive office and technology building. All applied renewable energy resources’ systems and energy-efficient solutions were designed in the Park taking the building’s energy independence to the top level.

Passive building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum
Passive building of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum

„This is not only an office building but also a laboratory and technology facility. The usable space of 7 500 sq. meters is mostly dedicated for the use of innovative, research and development companies” – said Mirosław Bobrzyński, vice president of the Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park. Approximately 5 500 sq. meters of the building space is designed for social and office purposes. 1 220 sq. meters is destined for laboratories and a data center.

The office space is now more than fifty percent let. The anchor tenant of the building is 3S, a telecommunication operator, which moved its seat from Gliwice to Katowice and now occupies almost 2 500 sq. meters in the Park. The occupiers list also includes Fläkt Bovent and Real Deal which have already moved in as well as NextiraOne, AT Group, Fly High, Proximus and „Pracownia Projektowa Euro-Centrum”, which are going to open its offices in the building this spring.

The most important feature of the passive facility is the renewable energy resources’ technology applied during the construction process. There were used underground geothermal probes reaching the depth of 50 meters, 6 heat pumps providing water to cooling and heating ceilings, 10 solar collectors, 3 different photovoltaic panels’ systems (231 roof panels, 108 elevation panels, 80 inter-window panels) and a system of 36 sun following trackers.

Additionally, energy-efficiency solutions as a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, double-glass windows, facade shutters, building management system and a heat recovery system were used.

Owing to the fore-mentioned technology, the 5-storey building consumes the amount of energy at the level of 15 kWh/sq.m/year. „It will use 8 times less energy comparing to typical office buildings of this size. Five years ago, we delivered an energy-efficient office building spending over PLN 4 000 to build one square meter of the facility. Now, we are positively surprised because our latest undertaking – the passive building – was much cheaper instead of most modern green solutions which were applied and we had to spend only PLN 3 700 to erect one square meter” – Mirosław Bobrzyński added. The total cost of the construction work and equipment amounts to PLN 35,8 million. The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

The passive building is located at 103 Ligocka St. and was designed by Sławomir Kostur. Last year, the Science and Technology Park’s building was awarded the European Commission’s Green Building Award as one of the five most sustainable new buildings in Europe.

The Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park was established in 2007. It focuses on developing energy-efficient technologies and energy saving in buildings. The main idea of the Park is to create a base for businesses as well as the research and development sector in the form of offices and laboratories. The Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park cooperates with industry leaders focused around the Euro-Centrum’s Cluster of Energy Saving Technologies. Innovations achieved as a result of the cooperation are implemented in the Euro-Centrum’s Industrial Park office buildings.