Euro-Centrum will soon deliver two new buildings

The Euro-Centrum‘s Science and Technology Park has finished an extension of the innovative and energy-efficient building. Construction works on two other buildings are underway.

The extension involved two additional floors covering the area of approximately 1 600 sq. meters, which were built at the top of the office facility. The building has already been commissioned for use and now offers about 4 000 sq. meters of usable space. „The two floors of the open space arrangement will be used by IT innovative companies. Start-ups can lease the offices for net PLN 28 per one square meter” – said Agnieszka Zięcina, public relations director at the Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park.

Additionally, an assembly and warehouse building as well as an assembly and service facility are currently being erected in the park.

Outfitting of the assembly and warehouse building is being conducted presently and involves walls painting, carpets laying and installation of fittings. Also, last works are being executed outside. The hall will be appropriated for companies which conduct research, development or innovative activities and test new production lines of their products. It was raised in accordance with the energy-efficient technologies. The total area will cover approximately 3 000 sq. meters, of which 1 500 sq. meters are designed for the implementation of new production projects. The most important feature of the facility will be a demonstration plant of about 800 modules of photovoltaic cells with a rated power of 180 kWp.

The second building, the assembly and service hall, will cover 1 200 sq. meters and is being built in the opposite side of the park. Research, office and exhibition spaces will be available for future tenants. Also, a demonstration plant of photovoltaic cells with a rated power of about 90 kWp will be built in the building. The installation will be used for the research of efficiency of the photovoltaic modules. „The building shell will be finished by 20th of April, according to schedule” – said Elżbieta Kułach, investment coordinator of the Euro-Centrum’s Science and Technology Park.

Prime contractor of the undertaking is HB-Unibud from Czechowice-Dziedzice, Poland. The construction work will be finished in June this year. Costs of the new investment amount to PLN 6,39 million.

The development is the next stage of the „Creating of the Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum” project, which is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. The Science and Technology Park of Euro-Centrum is located at 103 Ligocka St.