EEC 2015 one month earlier

PTWP has announced the date of the seventh edition of the largest business conference in Central Europe – the European Economic Congress (EEC). The three-day session of debates and meetings with the participation of guests from Poland, Europe and the world will take place in April 2015.

The EEC has been organized in Katowice every year since 2009. Only the first edition was held in April. The last four consecutive events took place in May. „A number of circumstances has to be taken into consideration while choosing the best date of this large and important event. As the presidential election in Poland will be held in May, we decided to organize the congress between 20th and 22nd of April 2015” – said Wojciech Kuśpik, Initiator of EEC, Chairman of the Board, PTWP Group.

The seventh edition of EEC will most probably take place in the International Convention Center for the first time. The venue is scheduled for opening in March 2015. „All the indications are that this upcoming congress edition will be held in the ICC. We will be able to inform about the location within a month” – said Marta Stach, press spokesman of the European Economic Congress.

The online registration for the EEC’s seventh edition has not yet been opened. In the meantime, the organizer encourages participants and interested parties to take active part in cooperating on the shape of the content of the congress. Topics, questions and ideas can be submitted, from which PTWP will select the most interesting ones and incorporate them into the agenda.