Expansion of roads around Libero will cost PLN 38 million

© Echo Investment; Construction work on Libero and the adjacent roads

The work on the redevelopment and expansion of the road system in the vicinity of Libero is entering its decisive stage. The project, which is implemented together with the City Hall and financed by the developer, will soon result in a faster and smoother drive at the crossroads near Kościuszki, Kolejowa and Jankego streets, according to Echo Investment.

The streets creates the main crossroads linking the city center with the southern districts of the city. The completion of the work is scheduled for the end of August.

The new and redeveloped roads around Libero are not only an indispensable part of the project implementation, they are also an important element of a coherent urban concept that envisages the improvement of traffic in this area of the city. According to the plans, the roads around the crossroads of Kościuszki and Kolejowa streets, which is used by up to 15 000 cars during peak hours, will be redeveloped. The crossroads of Kolejowa and Rzepakowa streets as well as Kościuszki, Kolejowa and Jankego streets, will also be expanded. Pavements and a cycle path along Kolejowa St. will be an improvement for local residents and visitors to Libero.

A left turn into Kolejowa St. for drivers going towards the city center will be a new element which is to appear on the road map of this part of Katowice this year. The current traffic organization does not provide this opportunity.

“We know how important cooperation with the city is in such projects. We are aware that we are creating a place and a space that will not only serve the residents and visitors, but will also have a positive impact on the development of this part of the city. Therefore, considering the maximum improvement of traffic organization and ensuring convenient access to Libero, we proposed several concepts, from which the city chose the most optimal one, assuming the construction of a tunnel under DK81. Drivers coming from Kosciuszki St. will enter it along a gentle curve and they will exit it along Kolejowa St. A new roundabout with entrance to the complex will be located a few dozen meters away” – comments Mariusz Szatański, a project manager at Echo Investment’s Shopping Centre Department.

The construction of the tunnel under Kościuszki St. providing access to the newly-built complex began in mid-January. In order to maintain the passability of the street, the contractor secured a bypass in all directions. After four months of work, the tunnel is taking shape.

Roads for Libero are built by Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Drogowo-Inżynieryjnego, being part of Erbud Group. Echo Investment financed and coordinates the redevelopment and extension of the road system and the construction of the tunnel.

An analysis prepared by the developer shows that the tunnel variant chosen by the City Hall will contribute to the fact that over 30 percent more cars going from Kolejowa St. towards DK81 will be able to use the crossroads with Kościuszki St. during the peak hours. A significant capacity increase – of about 140 percent – is forecast for drivers turning left from Kolejowa St. into Kościuszki St. The capacity of the right turn from Kolejowa St. into Kościuszki St. will increase even more i.e. fourfold.

Improvements for motorized visitors were also designed in Libero. Comfortable – 2.3 metre high – entries and exits have been provided for larger vehicles, with gentle inclination of entry ramps and wide entrances. The number of pillars hindering parking was reduced to a minimum also with them in mind, while the parking spaces are 2,6 metre wide. The entire car park has been equipped with a modern system informing drivers about the availability of spaces. For cyclists, the developer has planned a monitored bicycle zone comprising stands and repair points.

Opening of Libero is scheduled for the turn of August and September this year.