Farmacol to invest in new buildings

Pharmaceutical company Farmacol has signed a letter of intent with its subsidiary Farmacol ITB for the financing of the construction of a warehouse and office building. The investment has been already launched and is being executed on a plot purchased by the company from the city of Katowice.

The land is situated in the junction of Surowcowa and Szopienicka streets and covers the area of 45 500 sq. meters. It was acquired by Farmacol in March this year within an open tender conducted by the city hall. The company paid PLN 5,26 million for the property.

The land is destined for a new mixed-use complex of Farmacol. Construction works have been started a few weeks ago. The firm will build the warehouse of 18 000 sq. meters and the office building covering the area of 6 000 sq. meters. Pro-Invest from Katowice is responsible for the execution of works.

Also, the letter of intend says that the company will buy a land in central Poland, on which the Farmacol’s central warehouse will be erected. The total value of the two investments amounts to approximately PLN 135 million.

The key activities of Farmacol are the wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical products. In addition, the company provides accommodation and catering services – it owns the 5-star Belweder Hotel in Ustroń, Poland.