Ferrari Katowice showroom opening

Ferrari opened a new sales and service showroom in Katowice. This is the second location of the Prancing Horse brand in Poland after Warsaw. The opening was officially inaugurated on 10th of June.

Opening of the Ferrari Katowice showroom, photo by Anna Domańska
Opening of the Ferrari Katowice showroom, photo by Anna Domańska

Three days earlier, Ferrari Katowice was presented to a group of special guests who celebrated the grand opening. It was a chance to see the showroom before its inauguration and to admire several classic models of the brand: F12 Berlinetta, California, FF, 458 Spider, 458 Italia, 599 GTO, 16M and ENZO as well as the oldest and the only one copy of ancient 125s.

“We have been preparing for the opening for a very long time to be sure that our services would meet customers expectations. We have spent much for training courses of the employees, they were trained in the Ferrari SpA factory in Italy” – said Jakub Pietrzak, managing director of Maranello Motors, the official Ferrari dealer and the subsidiary of Pietrzak Group.

The cars displayed in Ferrari Katowice include black, four seats FF, grey California and 458 Spider covered with the traditional Ferrari’s “rosso corsa” colour. Remaining models are available on demand.

The showroom is located at 109 Bocheńskiego St. close to the A4 motorway. Here customers will not only buy cars and will enjoy a variety of quality services, but also experience the racing DNA and design style of Ferrari. The display area offers a personalization room where buyers can make decisions about the future look and accessories applied in the car. The new facility also features a landing pad for helicopters.

“Ferrari gives an opportunity to choose all elements of the car. There are three personalization stages – two to be configured in the Katowice showroom and the third one, called the tailor made programme. Customers who want to decide about a detailed design of the car are invited to this last stage” – explained Karolina Szulęcka, marketing manager of Ferrari Katowice.

In the future, Ferrari Katowice will move to a new seat to be designed by Medusa Group.

The brand is known for its small number of produced cars. According to Luca di Montezemolo, chairman of Ferrari, the production will be less than 7 000 in 2013. First quarter results for the brand say that a total of 1 798 road cars were sold. “I want Ferrari to remain exclusive” – he explained during his press conference in May. “Ferrari is like a beautiful woman, she must be worth waiting for and desired.”