Final invitation for underground car parks’ concession soon to be made

In the course of several weeks, the City Hall of Katowice is going to invite Mota-Engil to make a final offer for design, construction and management of two underground car parks in the City Center.

The car parks are to be located at Dworcowy Sq. near the “Monopol” and “Diament” hotels and Bolesława Chrobrego Sq. in the close proximity of the Silesian Voivodeship and Marshall offices’ seat. The Portuguese company has been negotiating with the City since the last year. The talking point has concerned conditions terms of the concession which will be granted to the company. Now the negotiations are drawing to an end. “The City Hall will invite Mota-Engil to make the final offer within 2-3 weeks. Then, the firm will have 14 days to respond and to enter the offer” – explains Marek Stajndor, project manager of Grontmij Poland, which supports the City Hall in this investment.

The Mota-Engil’s offer will have to include the final shape of the car parks like the number of parking spaces and the number of underground storeys. According to the last year’s concession announcement of the City Hall, the proposed number of parking places will be no fewer than 300 for Dworcowy Sq. and 400 for Chorobrego Sq., located on 2-3 underground levels, what have to be respected by the company.

If the Mota-Engil’s offer is correct with the concession and previous negotiations assumptions, the City Hall will sign the contract with the firm. The design process and applying for administrative procedures will take place afterwards.

While managing the car parks, the private investor will make profits for the period of 30 years or less, the City Hall is to hand over construction plots on the lease-hold basis.

An estimated cost of the investments ranges between PLN 70 and 110 million.