Final stage of works on ICC

Works on the International Convention Center are at the highly advanced stage. The construction process is expected to be finished in two months.

„The project is now about 85 percent done. Works on the roof and on the elevation were concluded. An advanced outfitting is being conducted inside the building” – said Adam Wieczorek, project manager at Warbud.

An expanded metal mesh, architectural concrete and wood are the three leading materials used to fit-out the interiors. As the venue is designed for events with audience and loud vocal, an acoustic company was involved in the designing process. For example, the wood covering on walls is to improve the sound-absorbing qualities of rooms, the expanded metal mesh panels are covered by a rock woll from the side of the roof, also chessboard-like vertical curtains were installed between the ceiling and roof to avoid resonance in the mutlifunctional hall.

The multifunctional hall is now being equipped with three huge screens. Each of the screens will be consisted of eighty one 55-inch display units. It is said that the screens are the largest construction of its kind in Europe. The 8 040 sq. meters hall enabling to house up to 12 000 spectators has been designed with possible division into three separate rooms of similar size. Sectioning off the rooms is done by unfolding mobile walls which are 12 meters in height. Mobile walls of this height were used in Poland for the first time. Each of the rooms has the possibility of entrance, load-carrying access, emergency exit and own foyer part.

Pavement and tree planting works are underway around the building. The pavements are also being laid in the green valley, which is a terrain escarpment of the roof. The paths are made of air and water permeable surfaces, created by the bonding of hard stone aggregate with a resinous binder. The surfaces are being laid under temporary frame coverings to keep a higher temperature.

According to the latest contract annex signed between the prime contractor and the City Hall, Warbud is obliged to conclude the construction work by the 16th of February 2015. Then, the commissioning process will be commenced. The unofficial sources say that the first event will be held in the International Convention Center on the 21st of March 2015.

The building is being erected along Olimpijska St. and will be linked with the „Spodek” sport and exhibition hall. Warbud and Mercury Engineering are responsible for the construction work. The City Hall of Katowice is the investor. „JEMS Architekci” designed the building.