Final straight of works on II stage of A4BP

Construction work will soon be completed on the second building of A4 Business Park. Most scaffolding has been removed and the elevation is now almost fully unveiled.

Also, last works on the stone facade are being executed. Windows are being fitted, installation and outfitting are being provided inside the building. All premises will be fitted with raised floors, floor cable boxes, lowered ceilings, smoke and temperature sensors, HVAC and windows with roller blinds for controlling the amount of daylight.

„The second building of A4 Business Park will be commissioned in the first quarter of 2015. Negotiations are in advanced stages with a number of potential tenants” – said Wojciech Gepner, public relations manager at Echo Investment.

Remax Construct was responsible for the erection of the building’s shell, while windows and aluminium facades where fitted by Polbet from Katowice. Hofmann from Kraków is responsible for the works on the stone elevation.

The Echo Investment’s project is being erected at 42 Francuska St. The second stage of the office scheme involves the construction of the 10-storey building with an office area of approximately 9000 sq. meters and an above-ground 9-storey car park offering 560 spaces. The parking facility was delivered at the beginning of April this year.