Final works on Railway Station hall

The new Katowice Railway Station is almost done. The building and finishing works are to be completed in the days to come and the investor starts the construction works commissioning.

Main hall of the Katowice Railway Station

Outfitting of cash-desks, passenger service center, offices, service and staff rooms is coming to an end and the major part of the fore-mentioned area will be handed over to Polish State Railways within a few days. Also, some of tenants have already commenced to arrange their units in the commercial space of the hall.

The Station’s hall will be most probably opened in October this year. “The underground bus station and the Dworcowa tunnel will be delivered about two months after the opening of the hall. However, delivering this part of the investment is strictly connected with two road junctions being built by the Drogopol company on the east and west sides of our complex. The works on the junctions, that are financed by the City Hall of Katowice, have to be finished in the first place and then we can open the underground part of the Station. The Galeria Katowicka shopping center will be opened in about one year” – said Antoni Pomorski, project manager of the investment.

Galeria Katowicka’s interiors are under plastering and finishing works, the elevation’s first stage of installations is done on 3 Maja St. and partially at Szewczyka Sq. Poles, walls and ceilings of Galeria Katowicka are being developed on Słowackiego St. where the Multikino’s movie theater will be situated. The underground bus station still needs finishing works and the builders are preparing to surface a road.

Five out of nine cranes are still left at the construction site. “We expect the last crane will be dismantled in March 2013” – Antoni Pomorski added.

Moreover, twelve new cup-shaped pillars were already reconstructed, two of them are still covered by scaffoldings. Another three are under reconstruction at present. A glass elevation of the main hall is currently being mounted. A square located in front of the main entrance is being covered by a new surface of stone. The remaining part of the square is to be covered by a temporary paving brick due to finishing works on Galeria Katowicka and changes of pedestrian traffic’s paths in this area.

The multifunctional complex at Szewczyka Sq. is the joint investment of Neinver Polska and Polish State Railways S.A. Strabag is the prime contractor of the undertaking.