First anniversary of Galeria Katowicka

Galeria Katowicka sums up first twelve months of its activity. The level of one million visitors per month was exceeded two months before the first anniversary. The footfall is still going up.

© Neinver Poland; Galeria Katowicka
© Neinver Poland; Galeria Katowicka

The commercialization level of the retail space grew from 92 to 95 percent over the year. The volume will be even higher by the end of first half of 2015, according to the management. The shopping center was visited by over 11 million customers since the opening on 18th of September last year.

According to Neinver, the opening had a positive influence on the pedestrian traffic in the close area of the mall. Galeria Katowicka carried out researches showing the circulation volume of pedestrians and collecting data from several points on following streets: Mickiewicza, Słowackiego, 3 Maja, Młyńska, Stawowa and two squares: Szewczyka and Andrzeja. The foot traffic amounted to 75 thousand people on 12th of September 2014, when the data was collected. This is about 33 percent more than in April 2013, when the same research was conducted.

Over the one year, Galeria Katowicka was adding convenient solutions to its portfolio. For anyone who needs to print, make a copy, scan documents or send them by fax, new services are available at the information desk, next to the main entrance.

The information desk also offers tablets with Internet access, thanks to which customers can consult a timetable, buy tickets or find any information.

Additionally, the pop-up store, a retail space available to young entrepreneurs, was launched at Galeria Katowicka for the first time ever. Also known as pop-up shop or flash retailing, is a trend of opening temporary “disappearing shops”. The concept of pop-up stores originated in the USA and Great Britain at the beginning of the 21st century.

Other solutions found at Galeria Katowicka include a co-working room. A special zone at level +2 is equipped with desks and free Wi-Fi. It serves as a place for individual work, business meetings, brainstorming sessions and networking.

At level -1, right next to an exit onto the underground bus station, there is a cab rank.

Galeria Katowicka, a retail and transport center, is located in the heart of Katowice at Szewczyka Sq. Its retail space of 53 000 sq. meters hosts over 250 stores and service points. Customers can leave their vehicles at an underground two-level car park with 1 200 parking spaces. The shopping center offers direct access to the railway station and the underground public bus terminal. The mall has the Multikino cinema with 10 screening rooms, including the ultra-modern „Xtreme” room equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system.

The mall boasts a vast array of services, including a post-office, ATMs, hair and beauty salons, currency exchange, a supermarket, numerous cafés and restaurants, travel agencies, sports services and dry-cleaning.

The construction process of Galeria Katowicka began in December 2010. The investment’s first stage covered the railway station that was completed in October 2012. February 2013 saw the opening of the underground bus terminal. Galeria Katowicka was opened on 18th of September 2013.