First building of Osiedle Różana delivered

The Social Housing Association in Katowice („Katowickie Towarzystwo Budownictwa Społecznego”, TBS) has finished the construction work on the first building of „Osiedle Różana”. It will be the second stage of the „Osiedle Sławka” housing estate.

The seven-storey building was erected on Sławka St. and is located west from the first stage of the estate on a 1,24 ha plot. There are 55 apartments and all were already leased. In total, the estate will consist of four buildings in which 220 apartments were designed. The housing project will be conducted in stages between 2014 and 2017. Works on the second building and on a two-storey car park are expected to be commenced next year.

All the units are available for rent without the opportunity to purchase. The project is addressed to people who can not afford to buy their own apartment or they do not want to purchase on long-term credit. To rent the apartment, tenants have to pay a guarantee deposit, which will be refunded when the inhabitants move out.

The scheme is co-financed from a long-term bond issue provided by „Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego”. The financing accounts for one-third of the investment’s total costs. The remaining amount will be secured from internal funds of TBS Katowice and from the financial contribution of tenants.

The buildings were designed by „Biuro Projektów Architektonicznych” from Katowice. The brick-colour elevation and the flower of rose refers to the historical building of post office situated in the „Nikiszowiec” district.