First cup-shaped pillar emerges

At the very end of March, a reconstruction of the first of sixteen cup-shaped pillars of the new Railway Station’s building were concluded. Now, the 18-meter high scaffolding supporting the wooden formworks of the pillar is being removed. The new “umbrella” is bringing to light its raw, concrete structure.

The pillar number two, raised just behind the first one, is also reconstructed already. However, the scaffolding still covers the “umbrella” and holds the formworks. Following two pillars’ caps are being prepared to be poured by concrete. Each of the pillars is a stand-alone construction which is not supported by ceilings and any additional walls or bearings.

Meanwhile, brick-wall and installation works are underway throughout the whole Neinver’s complex at Szewczyka Sq. First finishing works are in progress as well as a steel structure of skylights of the Station’s main hall.

See also archival photos of the former cup-shaped pillars and a video showing reconstruction works on the first pillar >>>