First look at plaster elevation of Supersam

Hochtief has uncovered the first part of the Supersam’s elevation. Its design has been changed several times during the investment process. Finally, the covering will be made of a mineral-treated anthracite color plaster arranged in vertical reliefs.

The prime contractor is preparing the building for the great opening to be held in September this year. Advanced outfitting work is now being conducted inside the mall. The external surface is mostly done from the north side of the building, where scaffoldings were partially removed and the final appearance of the elevation can be seen now. Apart from the dark plaster covering, the elevation will be horizontally overpassed by long strips of windows. Konior Studio is responsible for the architectural design of Supersam.

About 23 000 sq. meters of leasable space will be delivered within the project. There are almost 18 000 sq. meters designed for 70 retail units and 5 300 sq. meters of offices. However, the leasable space will be delivered in two stages – the 18 000 sq. meters of retail and 1 300 sq. meters of office spaces will be put into use in autumn this year. The remaining 4 000 sq. meters of offices will be available for tenants one year later, in the middle of 2016.

Supersam is being built at 6 Piotra Skargi St. in the heart of Katowice. Griffin Real Estate is the project’s investor.