First pillars of Railway Station grow

One month ago, Neinver showed us a prototype of pillars and underground interiors of Galeria Katowicka. Meantime, works have began on the new cap-shaped “umbrellas” of the Railway Station. Construction crews already prepared four bottom structures of the pillars.

The former original sixteen cup-shaped pillars of the main station’s hall were demolished due to works on the multifunctional center at Szewczyka Square. The last one of the sixteen was tore down exactly one year ago on 11th of January 2011. Each of the free-standing pillars was characterized by exposed rough concrete revealing the textures of the wooden forms in which it had been poured. The hall was a reputed example of the brutalist architecture.

According to the investor all the “umbrellas” will be reconstructed in compliance with the original technology. “All formworks will be made of 5 centimeters width wooden strips nailed together manually” – said Antoni Pomorski, Project Manager at Neinver Polska. “As it was in the former pillars, the new ones will be empty inside. Its walls are to be only several centimeters wide. The empty space will be used to hide fittings, e.g. electric wirings. All the patterns which made the structure unique will be reconstructed” – he added.

At the same time, works on slabs, poles, interior walls and systems as well as on reinforced concrete ceilings proceed in the Railway Station and the future shopping mall. Ceilings of the Galeria Katowicka’s “0” level began to be constructed on the side of 3 Maja St. Already seven of nine planned tower cranes operate at the construction site.