First Saturn Connect will be opened in Galeria Katowicka

Satrun implements the innovative Saturn Connect specialist store format dedicated to mobile technologies and accessories – the first store of this new concept will be opened in Galeria Katowicka.

Saturn has been operating in Poland for 9 years. In 2012, the online shop was launched and this year the brand has appeared in social media, reaching the group of younger and more mobile customers.

„Observing the changes in our customers’ consumer behavior, we noticed a new rapidly growing group of mostly young people interested in the dynamically developing category of mobile devices along with a wide range of individually selected accessories. That is why the next step will be to address the constantly growing needs and expectations of our customers by implementing the new Saturn Connect store format dedicated to mobile devices” – said Marcin Rosati, Member of the Management Board of Media Saturn Holding Polska.

Within the commercial space of several hundred square meters, the most advanced mobile products and solutions in the market will be made available to customers. As a result, they will be able to keep up to date with the global trends and new technologies. Saturn Connect specialists will be there to explain the application and operation of new devices and solutions as well as to choose the ones best matching the needs and the lifestyle of each customer. The offer will include: laptops, tablets, smartphones, TV sets, photographic equipment, consoles and games, mobile devices for listening to music and sports electronics, e.g. action cameras, heart rate monitors and step counters. The offer will be supplemented with a broad selection of accessories that will allow for fully appreciating and using the full potential of the purchased devices.

The first Saturn Connect will be opened on 18th of September in Galeria Katowicka.