First stage of Baildona 66 is almost done

Opal Maksimum will soon deliver a new development undertaking in the area of the former Baildon steelworks. Old magnets work-shops are being turned into modern offices buildings called Baildona 66.

First stage of Baildona 66
First stage of Baildona 66

The facilities are located along the Rawa river, in the western part of the steelworks. The revitalization works were commenced in spring last year. The new office center will offer 11 000 sq. meters of rentable area in total. The first stage involves the modernization of 5 500 sq. meters. This part of the scheme is scheduled to be delivered in October 2016. Design works are now underway to prepare the project of the second stage.

Both open space and cabinet arrangement offices can be considered by tenants. The investor will apply windows of upper standard sound-proof level, independent mechanical ventilation with heat and humidity recovery system and modern wiring.

Faktoria is responsible for the construction works, Forma prepared the architectural design of the modernization. Both companies are based in Katowice.

Baildona 66 is one of several projects implemented by Opal Maksimum in the steelworks area. The developer opened the third stage of Rawa Office in May this year (the first two stages were delivered in recent years). The third building is located at 13 Marcina St. and covers the area of 3 600 sq. meters of office space. Koziarski Pracownia Projektowa from Katowice is responsible for the architectural project of the modernization. Rawa Office offers 8 800 sq. meters of offices for lease in total.