First stage of Francuska Park soon to be delivered

The Atal company is finishing the first stage of Francuska Park, the largest new housing scheme in Katowice. The developer expects to deliver the residential buildings in the next quarter this year. Sales of the second stage’s apartments should be inaugurated this month.

The housing estate is being built at the junction of Francuska and Lotnisko streets. All three stages of the undertaking (nine buildings) are under construction at present, however only the first stage’s housing units have been put up on the market so far. The stage involves the construction work on three buildings – from five to nine storeys – housing 240 apartments and a few retail and service premises. The offer is now about 30% sold. Prices start from PLN 5 400 per one square meter.

Interiors outfitting has already been done. Last works are being executed on fittings inside the underground car park and outside the buildings as well as on pavements and greenery.

„The first stage of Francuska Park will be delivered in April this year. The second stage is expected to be finished by the end of 2015. Also, the third one is already underway” – said Paweł Rabantek, public relations consultant of Atal management board.

In total, there will be built 655 apartments, 8 retail units as well as 836 underground parking spaces and a ground parking lot for 62 vehicles. The apartments area ranges from 30 to 124 sq. meters. The design of the housing estate was prepared by the architectural studio of Wojciech Wojciechowski from Katowice.