First team of TPG started to work in Alder

25 people have been employed in the newly established Katowice branch of Teleperformance Germany (TPG) by now. Also, the company already won two customers to be serviced from the office in Katowice.

The contact center of Teleperformance Germany was established in the Alder building of GPP Business Park on Konduktorska St. and has been providing services since December 2014. The company wants to hire there about 250 German-speaking employees. Katowice competed against several Polish cities for the investment project. In the last stage of the investor’s decision process, the City beat Poznań.

To attract the new investor, the City Hall and Imago PR organized an award-winning social media campaign to inform local German speakers about job fairs of Teleperformance, which were held in Katowice in March last year. The fairs became an opportunity for Teleperformance to get familiar with the local labour market, German language skills of candidates and their expectations. The promotional campaign helped to gather 120 applicants – much more than the investor predicted.

„We were obviously looking for a perfect place for our new branch in a few cities. Katowice was chosen because of the labour pool which was very interesting, characterized by good quality and good background of the people here. Then we had a great support from the City in terms of finding the right building and putting that all together. That finally made our decision for Katowice” – explained Thomas Güther, CEO of Teleperformance Germany.

The contact center in Katowice already won two customers. The first one is the well-known, global sport brand headquartered in Germany. The Katowice employees provide e-mail and telephone services for customers of the brand‘s Internet store. Chat services are also being prepared.

„We do customer care services. These are typical inquiries regarding product services, in some projects we can do also a technical support and social media support as well. We do not want to serve low-cost business, we are really looking for high-value brands. A good news is that we have just signed the second new client last week – this is a global car rental company and we are doing the service for them in Katowice” – Thomas Güther added. The recruitment process to hire people for the new customer’s team was already commenced.

„Both present employees and people to be hired in the nearest future will have a great chance for fast development of their careers and promotions. This is a unique opportunity, which can be given only by a company at the early stage of growth” – commented Ewa Wesoły, contact center manager of TPG Katowice.

Teleperformance owns 271 centers in 62 countries hiring 175 000 people working in 63 languages and dialects. The company was established in 1978 and is headquartered in Paris, France. Teleperformance Germany is a subsidiary of Teleperformance. It is headquartered in Dortmund and owns banch offices in Hamburg, Greifswald, Neubrandenburg, Görlitz, Homburg and Katowice.