Fitting-out of new Silesian Museum

Budimex currently conducts advanced outfitting works on the new Silesian Museum’s seat. The 2,7 ha area – part of the former “Katowice” coal mine – is being turned into the underground cultural complex characterized by spacious, bright interiors and glass.

Works on the new seat of Silesian Museum
Works on the new seat of Silesian Museum

The glass dominates all the ground facilities of the new venue as it covers elevations of six cuboids, administration and central hall’s buildings as well as a grand foyer’s entrance. These glassy huge blocks will be the only ones raised above the ground to illuminate the underground exhibition floors. Glazing works on this part of the complex is almost done.

The surface on the roof is now being prepared to be decorated by plants and grasses as the whole space is designed as a park. Footpaths will be made of macadam and small squares will be made of brushed concrete. The park will be available around the clock.

The outfitting and installation works are underway at all levels of the building. “The number of installations is unprecedented when we compare it with other buildings of this size. For example, we have several fire protection systems to be mounted inside. Moreover, the auditorium hall will be covered by wooden panels – to start the works we have to provide an exact temperature and humidity” – said Grzegorz Tymich, contract director at Budimex, a prime contractor on the new Silesian Museum.

Luckily, the remaining spaces are not so difficult to be fitted-out and need plastering or glazing works. The bright interiors has to make the underground space more friendly for visitors. To make a public circulation easier, ramps, lifts and moving stairs were mounted in the building.

Opening of the new Silesian Museum is expected in September 2013. The whole complex, including two refurbished former coal mine facilities, will cover a usable area of 24 747 sq. meters.