Flower Sq., Rawa and Śródmiejska St. – front line of works in City Center

Flower Sq., a new bed of the „Rawa” river and Śródmiejska St. are the three main spots of the works being currently conducted in the area located between the Market Sq. and the Roundabout. The most advanced is the construction process of the Flower Sq.

The square is being erected between the buildings of„Zenit” and „Młyńska 1”. Most of pavements works were already done and first trees appeared in concrete bowls. A fountain located in the central part of the place is also almost finished. The retail buildings – C1, C2 and C3 – are being prepared to house tenants. It is expected to deliver the Flower Sq. this month.

Works on the „Rawa” river’s new bed are strongly advanced and are being executed north from the square. The river has already been switched from the old bed to the new one. Part of the new bed was covered with concrete beams and soil. The entire part of the river will be hidden under the ground in this area. New public spaces will be created above.

A new street, called Śródmiejska, is being built along the „Superjednostka” housing building. Part of the new road was already located between concrete walls below the ground level. The section of the street will reach even the depth of -7 meters at the lowest point situated close to the entrance from Chorzowska St. Last reinforcing works are being executed on this part of the road. The last section of the concrete walls will be laid afterwards.