Fortress Invest expands Tetris

Fortress Invest is finishing works on the extension of Tetris Office Center located at 188C Roździeńskiego Av. The new space will be available at the beginning of 2016.

Tetris is placed in the closy proximity of the „Dąbrówka” and „Rawa” shopping centers. After the successful commercialization and sale of an office building at 19 Porcelanowa St. in Katowice, the developer decided to expand Tetris. Additional 3 600 sq. meters of the new office space will be delivered within the stage in the months to come.

„Our company goes forward meeting the expectations of customers. We applied construction and technical solutions enabling to use a fit-out option and to adapt the office space’s layout and installation at the project stage” – said Zbigniew Dreja, board member of Fortress Invest. Also, the 3 600 sq. meters office space can be divided into 300 sq. meters independent modules.

The office complex is mostly dedicated to modern business services sector companies as well as for administration, law and financial firms. Tetris Office Center will cover the area of 8 000 sq. meters of offices for rent in total.

Fortress Invest is registered in Katowice and is mostly involved in investment undertakings in the Silesia voivodeship. Apart from Tetris, the company has been responsible for the realization of following office projects: Porcelanowa 19, Dąbrowskiego 22 (both in Katowice), Dworcowa 1 (Chorzów), Mireckiego 22 (Sosnowiec).