Further 258 apartments from Atal

Atal entered for sale the second stage of Francuska Park. Customers can choose from 258 housing units in three buildings.

The housing estate is being built at 102 Francuska St. While the first stage was scheduled for delivery in April this year, the second stage is already underway and will be completed by the end of 2015.

„The first stage of Francuska Park has been well received by Katowice citizens. The sale performance has increased during the last months along with the construction work progress and now the monthly sale is kept at the level of more than ten apartments. Also, the customers become more willing to use our finishing standard offer called Atal Design. In this project, about 70% of buyers decided to purchase the turn-key finished apartments” – Ewelina Juroszek, sales director at Atal.

Francuska Park is being erected in three stage. Three buildings will be delivered within each of the stages. In total, nine buildings and 674 apartments will be constructed, according to the latest statement (previously the developer announced to build 655 housing units). The apartments area of the second stage ranges from 26 to 136 sq. meters. Prices start from PLN 5 400 per one square meter.

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