Galeria Katowicka attracted new brands

British aesthetics combined with Turkish art, Bavarian and Austrian apparel and Polish underwear – Galeria Katowicka has just expanded its range of products with three brands which have absent from the Upper Silesian capital so far. The new tenants are English Home (interior decoration), Ronja & Birk (clothes) and Italian Fashion (underwear).

The idea behind English Home is to combine refined Turkish art with British decoration style based on soft colors and small floral motifs. English Home collections include natural, simple and stylish solutions. Three categories (wedding, classic and daily) contain a broad range of products, including linens, towels, bedcovers, curtains, tablecloths and decoration accessories.

English Home started its operations in 2008 by opening two stores in Istanbul. Now it has over 200 shops in Turkey, as well as several dozen units all around the globe. In Poland, there are four stores. The one at Galeria Katowicka is the brand’s only shop in Silesia. It is located at level -1 and has an area of 158.05 sq. meters.

Another new tenant is Ronja & Birk. The company offers Bavarian and Austrian clothing manufactured by a number of different companies, including Moser, Almrausch, Spieth & Wensky, Steinbock, Wellington of Bilmore and Fynch-Hatton. It sells elegant blazers, jackets, dresses, polo shirts, shirts and ties. The collections are complemented by caps, scarves, headscarves and Austrian jewelry.

Ronja & Birk combines fashion with untypical clothing items. Ronja & Birk allows to get a taste of Austria and Bavaria. For special occasions, such as the Beer Day, you can buy Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen. The Ronja & Birk unit at Galeria Katowicka is the brand’s sole shop in Poland. It is situated at level +1 and occupies 48,19 sq. meters.

The third newly-opened store belongs to Italian Fashion. The company was established in Zielonka (near Warsaw) in 1990. It produces day and night underwear for women, men and children, as well as clothes. By opening a store in Galeria Katowicka, Italian Fashion has entered Katowice retail market for the first time. The unit’s area is 85,58 sq. meters.