Galeria Katowicka bets on culture events

Since the beginning of July, Galeria Katowicka has been organizing cultural events within the so called Higher Level Project. Silesia Theater’s actors, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra’s musicians, researchers from University of Silesia and many other organizations were invited to participate in the initiative.

According to the management body of the mall, the Higher Level Project is a unique event on a Polish scale. Its main purpose is to familiarize the residents with the vast cultural and educational offer of the region and facilitating active involvement in interesting projects. Only during summer holidays, at least 75 unique events will take place.

The programme of events of the Higher Level Project was adjusted to the needs and expectations of children, teenagers, adults and whole families. Main areas of interest will be: science, music, art, theater, film and other cultural activities. Everything is taking place at Galeria Katowicka, which initiated, organizes and coordinates the project, and lends its space to it without any charge.

„By initiating the Higher Level Project Galeria Katowicka aims to become an important spot for the city; not only create, but also attract the most interesting events, support cultural institutions and promote all of what is worthy of attention in Katowice” – says Ewa Spychalska, managing director at Galeria Katowicka.

The Higher Level Project is co-created by, among others, Silesia Theater, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, University of Silesia, „Katowice – The City of Gardens” initiative, Katowice City Hall and other organizations, such as Renesans Gallery, „Sekwencja” Musical Arrangement School, Bez Sceny Theater, Trip Theater and the University of Development („Uniwersytet Rozwoju”).

The list of partners is not closed, the project is still in the development phase and organizers are now closing the schedule of events to be held after the holidays.

Most activities of the Higher Level Project are taking place on level +2 of Galeria Katowicka. All activities are free of charge.