Galeria Katowicka got first tenant

The RTV Euro AGD company, a chain of household and audio-visual equipments’ stores, has signed a final agreement for the lease of retail space in Galeria Katowicka. This shopping gallery will be built at Szewczyka Sq. and is a part of the Neinver’s commercial complex planned to be developed together with the new Railway Station building. The first tenant will occupy 2 240 sq. m in the building’s -1 level. The level will make a connection between the Railway Station’s hall and the underground bus station.

The Neinver’s complex will deliver 52 000 sq. m of retail space. Approximately 46 000 sq. m will be located in Galeria Katowicka (about 230 service and retail shops). Remaining 6 000 sq. m will be created on the ground floor of the office building and in the Station’s hall.

Cushman & Wakefield is an exclusive agent for the commercialization of the Railway Station shopping gallery.