Galeria Katowicka in numbers

“The 52 000 sq. meters will be the best performing retail square meters in this part of Europe” – this is a one sentence’s advertise and description by Neinver speaking about its future Galeria Katowicka development at Wilhelma Szewczyka Sq. which construction works’ start is scheduled for Q3 2010. The developer presents the project as a spectacular change that will reshape the image of this part of Katowice.

The commercial, retail, service and transport center will be integrated with the reconstructed building of the Railway Station. Altogether, the entire complex will offer 52 000 sq. m of modern retail space to let.

According to architects, the futurist shape of Galeria Katowicka will be created by gentle curves of the facade made of a perforated steel. In daytime, it will be reflecting the light. After dusk, the facade will turn into a translucent surface making the interiors and its lights visible from the outside.

The “Aleja Mody” (Fashion Boulevard) will connect the new building of the Railway Station and Galeria Katowicka. The glazed construction connecting both buildings will be the source of natural light. It will highlight the cup-shaped pillars determining unprecedented shop windows of 9 meters height.

Cushman & Wakefield is an exclusive agent chosen for the commercialization process. The official opening of Galeria Katowicka has been scheduled for Q4 2012.

  • Galeria Katowicka in numbers
    Area: 52 000 sq. m
    Exhibition space: 19 000 sq. m
    Cubic capacity: 711 800 cu. m
    Height: 25,98 m
    Number of commercial storeys: 4
    Number of entrances: 9
    Number of passengers lifts: 12
    Number of escape routes: 10
    Total length of all center’s facades: 694,5 m
    Total surface of shop windows: 9 890 sq. m
    Maximum height of shop windows: 9 m
    Total length of escalators: 47 695 cm
© Neinver, Galeria Katowicka