Galeria Katowicka promotes its opening

„September 18th. I will be there, and you?” („18 września. Będę tam, a Ty?”) – this slogan will invite the Katowice agglomeration’s citizens to visit Galeria Katowicka during the opening day. The promotional campaign starts on the 1st of September and will include billboards, skylights, advertising on buses and trams as well as radio, press and the Internet.

Ten citizens of the agglomeration will be a leitmotiv of the campaign – they were chosen out of over one thousand people who had taken part in “Smile on holidays”. The joint project of Galeria Katowicka and „Iskierka” foundation, had been conducted in June, aimed at promoting charity and raising funds to offer a holiday trip for kids supported by the foundation. The project’s aim was to take at least 1 000 pictures of smiling people thanks to which Galeria Katowicka funded a sailing trip for the foundation’s 32 kids to Mazury.

„While we were looking through the photos, we noticed that people’s faces show enthusiasm and positive emotions. So, we have decided to change the primary leitmotiv and engage the chosen group of the project’s participants” – explained Agnieszka Jurkiewicz, marketing and public relations manager of Galeria Katowicka.

The campaign is scheduled to be kicked-off on the 1st of September, however the first billboard will appear on the „DOKP” building on the 31st of August. There will be almost 200 outdoor advertisements across the cities of the agglomeration.

Galeria Katowicka will be opened on the 18th of September at 10 a.m. The shopping center is located at ul. 3 Maja 30. There will be approximately 220 shops and retail units – the building is now more than 90 percent let.