Galeria Katowicka sets new records

Galeria Katowicka is analyzing past month’s results which include record-breaking figures – biggest sales since the mall’s opening and over 1,2 million visitors.

© Neinver; Galeria Katowicka

October 2015 proved to be Galeria Katowicka’s best month in terms of sales, except for December 2014 when they were 50% up compared against the corresponding period of 2013. Despite the opening of the new Supersam shopping center in the downtown of Katowice, Galeria Katowicka’s sales last month were 20% higher than in October 2014.

The previous month also turned out to be record-breaking with respect to footfall. The number of customers is constantly on the rise, with month-to-month increases of up to 30%. Not that long ago Galeria Katowicka celebrated the first month with over 1 million and then 1,1 million customers. In October 2015, i.e. at least a month before the Christmas shopping rush, the mall attracted over 1,2 million visitors. There were many days when it welcomed more than 50 000 people.

„We can see all the changes going on. Galeria Katowicka’s performance indicators have continued a steady upward trend for a long time now. We are very happy with these results which motivate us to come with new ideas. We are waiting to see what December holds” – says Ewa Spychalska, Galeria Katowicka director.

There key factors behind Galeria Katowicka’s results include an optimized tenant mix with many popular stores, as well as the presence of brands which are not available anywhere else in Katowice, according to the managing body of the mall.

„We also stand out through our strategy and a broad range of marketing activities. In October, for instance, we carried out three campaigns and sales-support actions appealing to potential customers in a variety of ways. We hosted several events as part of the Higher Level Project. Working with Fashion TV, Avant Models and Glamour, we organized Katowice Fashion Week, the first large-scale event of its kind in Silesia” – says Dawid Prymas, marketing and public relations director at Galeria Katowicka.

The list of Galeria Katowicka’s tenants includes TK Maxx, Samsung Saturn Store, Estee Lauder, MAC, iSpot, TOUS, English Home, Ryłko, Zara, Euro RTV & AGD, Reserved, Matras, SMYK, 4 Faces, aTab, Duka, Tiger and Peek & Cloppenburg – a multibrand store offering apparel by renowned fashion names, such as Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and others.