German company in Tetris

Fortress Invest signed up a new tenant. The German company Symeo has moved in to the lower building of the Tetris Office Center.

Symeo develops and produces modern radio sensor technology components, as well as radar- and satellite-based complete systems for real time position detection and distance measurement used in industrial applications worldwide. Additionally, the firm offers reliable solutions for collision avoidance and failsafe telemetry systems.

The lower building is the second facility of Tetris Office Center and was modernized at the beginning of 2016. It covers the area of 3 200 sq. meters. The black elevation and brick walls inside refer to industrial character of the building. The architectural design was prepared by Arkom.

Together with the first building, the complex offers 6 000 sq. meters of office space for lease in total. The office center is located at 188C Roździeńskiego Av. Tetris Office Center is owned by Fortress Invest.