GIG opens Clean Coal Technologies Center

In the presence of more than one hundred invited guests, the Central Mining Institute (GIG) celebrated the opening of the Clean Coal Technologies Center (CCTW) on Tuesday. The ceremony was one of accompanying events of the 5th European Economic Congress.

Opening of the Clean Coal Technologies Center, cutting ribbon ceremony
Opening of the Clean Coal Technologies Center, cutting ribbon ceremony

“Clean Coal Technologies Center is the largest investment project in the domain of research infrastructure in the region. Thanks to that, in Poland, a leading European research and know-how center came into existence, where new processes and technologies in the scope of clean coal technologies will be developed” – said professor Józef Dubiński, director of the Central Mining Institute.

CCTW encompasses construction of several laboratories and back-up facilities with total usable space over 9 000 sq. meters. More than 60 people work in the building. The center is designed for conducting the interdisciplinary works, in the domain of solid, fluid and gaseous bodies properties (with special focus on fuels), power engineering, process engineering and nanotechnology, among others. Research works are also focused on the reduction of coal processing environmental impact, assessment of solid fuels quality and carbon dioxide storage capacity, efficient energy production and use, as well as on computer modelling of technological processes.

Apart form the research laboratories located in the new CCTW building in Katowice, the project consists of two other sections:

– the technological section within Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal (ICHPW) in Zabrze. The PDU (Process Development Unit) scale technological installations and the large laboratory scale research stations has been constructed. It is anticipated to construct the new modules of installations and test stations among other things to conduct the research in the domain of gasification and oxy pressure combustion of the fossil fuels.

– the technological section within the GIG’s Experimental Mine „Barbara” in Mikołów. The underground testing ground for the coal gasification purposes has been constructed. On the ground surface the new research stations for the semi-technical tests: cleaning and process gas separation module by the PSA, membrane, absorption methods with special focus on CO2 removal and H2 production has been created among other things.

The building of CCTW was designed as a technologically advanced and modern structure. It is a so-called intelligent building based on the Building Management System, which provides optimal operating parameters of ventilation, fume hoods and air conditioning.

Realization of the project was possible thanks to the support of the European Union financed from the European Regional Development Fund. A total value of the undertaking is almost PLN 162 million. The building is located at 1 Gwarków Sq. CCTW was designed by Andrzej Barysz and was built by Budus.