Glass, paint and ceramic outfit Galeria Katowicka

The flagship project of Neinver is scheduled to be opened this quarter. Thus, interiors of Galeria Katowicka are covered more and more with glass, ceramic and paint. The stage better helps to imagine how the shopping center will look like.

Outfitting of Galeria Katowicka
Outfitting of Galeria Katowicka

Workers have recently finished to lay a roofing felt. Elevation and pavement works around the building are also underway. Outfitting is being carried out at all levels of the mall.

“Galeria Katowicka will have 7 storeys and such a huge area needs a large number of installations. For example, the fire protection system in the mall will consist of 20 000 sprinklers, safety curtains will have the total length of 2000 linear meters” – said Daniel Muc, Strabag’s press spokesman for the project.

Any other numbers of the shopping center speak for themselves – glassy banisters, which are being installed along passages and at staircases, will be more than 2 000 meters long. The total length of shop windows will reach 2,3 km. Most of them will be 3 meters high except store windows located under the cup-shaped pillars, which have the height of 9 meters.

Several dozen of 250 premises have been already handed over to tenants and outfitting of some of the shops is advanced. The stores arrangement is up to tenants while the interior colors of Galeria Katowicka will be dominated by white and black.

The great opening of the mall is expected to take place in September. The official date is soon to be released by Neinver.