GPP arises interest of companies

Last months, the Upper Silesian Industrial Park (Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy, GPP) in Katowice revealed its plans concerning a development of office buildings in the area of the Park. Nowadays, the GPP prepares to launch a first stage of the project.

“At present we are progressing with procedures to choose a prime contractor, its name will be probably known in October. We would like to start construction works this year as the delivery date of the first building is scheduled for December 2011. To arise interest of companies we started a promotional campaign on a large scale in media last month. Additionally, the GPP prepared very favourable terms of lease. The offer is competitive in comparison to other office location in Katowice and a positive feedback from potential tenants is already visible.” – said Justyna Bartecka, Marketing and Development Manager at the GPP.

The GPP plans to build four office buildings year by year by the end of 2014. However, the developer hinges its plans upon market conditions. “Everything depends on demand. Also we would like to adapt one of the future buildings as a laboratory to test diversified energy-saving solutions.” – she added.

The construction site is located within the Katowice Special Economic Zone. It enables future tenants to get tax exemptions (up to 40%) including capital expenditures and expenditures for new workplaces.

Each of the buildings will cover a usable area of 7 500 sq. meters on eight levels including a one under the ground as a car park. A typical floor area ranges from 1 050 to 1 080 sq. meters depending on interiors arrangement. Buildings will offer 600 parking places (140 in the first stage), an open space or cabinet arrangement, three lifts, Building Management System, two telecommunication operators, a kindergarten is planned.

The Upper Silesian Industrial Park is located at 39A Konduktorska St.

© Upper Silesian Industrial Park; planned office buildings
© Upper Silesian Industrial Park; planned office buildings