GPP building will use trigeneration system

The Upper Silesian Industrial Park (Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy, GPP) in Katowice prepares for a development of its first office building. At present, Park’s authorities are looking for companies interested in hiring office spaces. The project includes a 7-storey facility designed for offices and a one level car park for 600 vehicles under the ground. A usable area of the facility will cover approx. 7 500 sq. meters.

It is possible to raise the building in a “built-to-suit” option as the GPP is ready to consult the building’s design with a future tenant. The construction site is located within the Katowice Special Economic Zone, thereby some incentives for the future tenants as tax reliefs will be provided. Moreover, the facility is designed in accordance with the requirements of the energy-saving policy.

  • The building will offer:
    – basic power supply or cogeneration technology of the “trigeneration” system*
    – system of convectors used for building’s heating or cooling
    – modern installations will allow to use the energy efficiently
    – typical floor area between 1 050 and 1 080 sq. meters (depending on arrangement)
    – open space or cabinet offices
    – conference center and restaurant on the ground floor
    – two independent entrances

According to the Park’s representatives it is planned to deliver the building in Q3 2011.

* Trigeneration is an energy and power production technology that takes cogeneration one additional step. Cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power (CHP), is the simultaneous production of electricity and useful heat, usually in the form of either hot water or steam, from one primary fuel, such as natural gas.

The Upper Silesian Industrial Park is located at 39A Konduktorska St. in a post-industrial area intended for restoration, formerly occupied by a state enterprise, Huta Silesia (Silesia Steelworks).