GPP to be expanded within Eco City

The Upper Silesian Industrial Park („Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy”, GPP) prepares to launch new development projects. After the delivery of three office buildings within GPP Business Park, the company wants to build the fourth office facility and a hotel.

The construction work on the fourth office building – called Bloch – may be started this year. The exact date will depend on commercialization level of the office space. Also, the park is preparing to expand the post industrial area and turns it into a so called Eco City.

The next stage of the undertaking would involve the construction of a hotel and a park. Both projects are planned along Konduktorska St. west from the existing office facilities. GPP Business Park, the two subjected developments and additional infrastructure (roads, pavements, greenery) will cover approximately 13 ha out of Eco City’s 42 ha.

„We plan to build a 3-star hotel facility to be managed by a Polish hotel operator. There will be from 110 to 120 hotel rooms” – said Justyna Bartecka, marketing and development director of the Upper Silesian Industrial Park. The developer does not disclose when the construction work would by started.

Apart from the fore-mentioned infrastructure, a housing estate is planned to be built in the area of the Eco City in the future. By now, a warehouse and logistics building as well as the three office buildings of GPP Business Park (Goeppert-Mayer, Stern and Alder) were erected within the area situated on Konduktorska St.