Great opening, grand closing

Multikino officially set 20th of December as the opening date of its first multiplex in Katowice. Five days earlier, on 15th of December, Helios is going to close the chain’s largest Polish multiplex – nine screen cinema in the Altus building.

Katowice Multikino is located at the third floor of Galeria Katowicka. It will be the very first cinema in Poland where the Dolby Atmos – the most modern technology of multichannel sound in the world – is adapted. The system was installed in the Xtreme room (240 seats), one of 10 screening rooms of the cinema. All together, there will be almost 1 500 seats dedicated for movies lovers.

Katowice Multikino will also be the only one multi-screen cinema located in the downtown of the City as Helios is closing its multiplex in Altus. The cinema was opened in 2003 and now the 10-year lease agreement expires. Agora S.A., the majority shareholder of Helios, has already announced to open a new multiplex in Katowice in 2015. The company does not disclose the new location of the cinema at the moment.

The Katowice cinema is the biggest venue of Helios both in the number of seats (2 158) and number of screens from amongst all multiplexes of the chain.

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