Griffin Group groundbreaks EUR 80 million retail scheme

Griffin Group has officially commenced the construction of new Supersam by groundbreaking ceremony held in the presence of parties involved in the investment and invited guests. The total value of the project amounts to EUR 80 million.

Groundbreaking of construction works on Supersam

“Griffin’s objective is to build a unique real estate portfolio within a few years. Our company focuses on the combination of a long-term retail tradition of places with special meaning to cities and their residents, exceptional architecture and modern offer. We want Supersam to be a pearl of the crown of our portfolio” – said Przemysław Krych, CEO of Griffin Group.

The total area of the project will amount to 42 800 sq. meters of which 21 000 is designed for lease. The project scope includes construction of a building with five overground storeys (including two parking storeys) and one underground floor. The new building will house about 100 shops and service points typical for retail parks, as well as the Multikino cinema and the Pure fitness club.

The ground and first storeys will be commercial space occupied by shops, and the second storey is designed for cinema, restaurants and recreational facilities. A car park for 400 vehicles will occupy the roof and part of third and fourth storeys. The underground part will provide retail space, as well as technical facilities, storage space and delivery area. A distinguishing feature of the investment is the main part of the building where fourth steel spans from the original welded construction of the old Supersam hall will be kept within the new structure. Above the entire open space, there has been designed a roof lantern linked in its shape to the construction of the historic hall.

Apart from Multikino and Pure, such brands as New Look, Mohito, Reserved, Smyk, Empik and Aldi have already signed pre-let agreements with Griffin Group. The retail space of the shopping center is now almost 70 percent leased. “We negotiate with several brands which have not been present on the Katowice market yet. Companies which have not found appropriate retail spaces in Galeria Katowicka – for example, possibility of creation of three-storey shops – are now interested in our project. However, their names are confidential for the moment” – said Przemysław Krych.

The opening of new Supersam is scheduled for autumn 2015. Hochtief, which is a prime contractor of the building process, is now conducting works on the diaphragm wall to be 15-16 meters deep. The works on the wall are to be concluded by the end of October. Later on, removal of soil from the excavation will begin. The cost of construction works is EUR 50 million, while the entire budget of the scheme including the amount spent for the plot acquisition totals EUR 80 million.

According to the investor, the design of new Supersam was inspired by the best projects of German architects, such as Hermann Dernburg of Erich Mendelssohn, as well the Polish architect Zbigniew Ihnatowicz. The architectural design of the building was prepared by Konior Studio.

Supersam is probably not the last word of Griffin Group in Katowice. Przemysław Krych revealed that Griffin Group negotiate with two owners of plots surrounding the new Supersam area. “If we come to the agreement concerning the price and other conditions, our company may become a new owner of the plots” – CEO of Griffin Group commented. The fore-mentioned parcels are owned by, among others, GC Investment (bus station) and ECE (former Silesia hotel).