Griffin Real Estate builds offices in Supersam

Less than one year left to the opening of Supersam – a new shopping center being erected in the downtown of Katowice at 6 Piotra Skargi St. Today we know that the leasable retail and entertainment space of the building will partially be replaced by offices.

Griffin Group informed about the acquisition of the project of new Supersam from Centrum Development & Investments in 2013 and the construction work was started later the same year. Before that, CDI had signed a pre-lease agreement with Multikino in 2011. The cinema was the first tenant of the shopping center. According to the contract, Multikino wanted to occupy approximately 2 000 sq. meters and to open a six-screen multiplex cinema in Supersam. The movie theater was planned on the second and third level of the five-storey building (including one underground floor).

Przemysław Krych, CEO of Griffin Real Estate, a subsidiary of Griffin Group responsible for the project realization, has officially confirmed on Thursday that there would be no cinema in Supersam. „Calculation showed us that the company can earn more, if we build offices than the cinema. This is why we have decided to turn the cinema space into office area, which will cover 5 000 sq. meters. We think it will improve the undertaking’s business value what we observe after our negotiations with tenants” – Przemysław Krych told the Newseria press agency.

Multikino refused to comment on the decision.

© Griffin Group; Supersam
© Griffin Group; interior of Supersam