Groundbreaking on A4 Business Park

Construction on the A4 Business Park’s first stage has been already commenced. First crews of builders and building machinery appeared at the site to break the ground for the office scheme.

Also, apart from the ground works, some concrete laying is already underway. The prime contractor of the shell of the first stage is Remax Construct. It is planned to complete the building in the Q1 2014. The construction work will involve up to 150 workers at one time.

In this stage Echo Investment, an investor of the undertaking, is going to raise the first office building out of three, which will cover an area of 9 000 sq. meters. It will stand seven floors tall and offer 153 parking places to tenants disposal. In total, the office complex will have approximately 31 000 sq. meters of office space in the three facilities and a fourth stand-alone multi-storey parking building to be erected within next stages of the project.

A4 Business Park is being built on Francuska Street, next to an exit from the A4 motorway. The design of the office complex has been created by the DDJM architectural studio from Kraków. The facades of the buildings will consist of a composition made of stone, glass and aluminium. According to the designers, such a division will reflect the office function of the project and provide the best working conditions to its future users. The architects have also suggested a modular division both in the plan of individual floors and on the facade, which makes it possible to arrange the interior freely.

Natural materials, the latest technologies, energy efficient lifts and ventilation systems, an access control system and a burglary signaling system are only some of the elements which characterize A4 Business Park. In accordance with the current standards, the offices will be equipped with raised floors, suspended ceilings, as well as user-friendly lighting and air-conditioning. The facility will also include service outlets, cloakrooms and parking places for bicycles, as well as a canteen, a fitness club and relaxation areas.