Grupa Pietrzak concluded extension of Ferrari showroom

Extension of the Ferrari Katowice showroom has been concluded. The new sales and exhibition area is now over four times bigger than the former one.

The showroom in Katowice was opened in June 2013. In August this year the extension had been commenced and the construction work was finished in the second half of December. The 125 sq. meters showroom was expanded by additional 450 sq. meters. The „Embea architektura” studio from Katowice was responsible for the architectural design of the extension.

The current range of Katowice store includes: California T, 458 Speciale, F12berlinetta, FF, 458 Spider and 458 Italia. The offer consists of new models as well as used cars within the Ferrari’s Certified Pre-Owned Programme. Also, customers of the Katowice showroom can benefit from the Ferrari project called tailor-made, which enables them to make their personalization choices tailored specifically to the requests of each customers. This will encompass everything from colours to cabin trims, finishes and accessories.

The Ferrari Katowice showroom is located at 109 Bocheńskiego St. close to the A4 motorway. It is owned by „Grupa Pietrzak”, which is an official Polish dealer of the Prancing Horse cars.