GTC froze Mikołowska project. Plot for sale

Nothing came of the last year’s statement had been made by GTC concerning Mikołowska Office Center. At that time the company expected to launch the project in 2014. Now the scheme is frozen and the plot can be sold.

„If we consider to launch any new investment outside Warsaw, it would most surely be an office building in Katowice. It is a very perspective location” – said Jacek Wachowicz, member of the board of GTC S.A., quoted by the Polish Press Agency in December 2013. According to the latest update about this project, Mikołowska Office Center is not considered to be launched by the developer. The description of the buildings was also removed from the website of GTC.

„The realization of the office scheme was frozen and it is not expected to commence the development of Mikołowska Office Center at present. The company does not conduct any particluar sales activities of the land intended for the project, however offers of purchasers can be submitted and will be considered” – said Maciej Rybitwa, responsible for GTC’s public relations.

Mikołowska Office Center was planned on a 25 917 sq. meters plot in the downtown of Katowice on Mikołowska St. The property is located close to the Youth Palace and on the opposite side of the St. Peter and Paul’s church. There were designed approximately 26 000 sq. meters of leasable space in two buildings.

In the middle of 2010, GTC delivered its first Katowice project located on Francuska St. The two buildings of Francuska Office Center offer about 21 500 sq. meters of space for lease.