Highest building topped out of Oak Terraces

At Dębowe Tarasy (Oak Terraces) housing estate, currently being built in the center of Katowice, construction work on the highest storey has been completed according to schedule. To celebrate this occasion, a symbolic perch has been placed at the top of the 11-storey building.

© Immofinanz Group; topping out of the C3 building
© Immofinanz Group; topping out of the C3 building

The investment project is being realized by Immofinanz Group, an Austrian real estate investor and developer. After completion, 317 comfortable and state-of-the-art apartments will be provided.

The 37-meter high building C3 is one of three buildings to be completed by year-end as part of the project’s stage III. Perches were hung at the top of the two lower buildings, each of five storeys, at the beginning of February.

As emphasized by Janusz Olesiński, director of the Dębowe Tarasy III project, in some areas of the work the construction process is ahead of schedule. “The timeliness of the realization of the investment project, combined with the housing escrow accounts offered to clients, is a guarantee of the comfort and safety of Dębowe Tarasy” – he adds.

The topping out ceremony (in the Upper Silesia region referred to as “glajcha”) is a builders’ tradition. This is the manner in which the completion of one of the key stages of the construction of a house – the placing of the last element of the roof structure – is celebrated. At modern construction sites, the perch is being replaced by small but ingenious wooden structures.

  • Building C3 – key figures
    Number of apartments: 217
    Height of tall segments: 37 m
    Height of medium segments: 27 m
    Number of residential storeys: 11
    Number of garage storeys: 2
    Total area: 25 557,49 sq. m
    Cubature: 74 225,5 cu. meters
    Building perimeter: 250 m