Historic welded spans circled by new Supersam

Griffin Group’s Supersam grows at 6 Piotra Skargi St. Construction crews of Hochtief already reached the second storey’s ceiling and the first pillars of the third storey were erected. Four white welded spans, which were placed in the middle of the mall, will soon be shaded by the concrete construction.

Construction work on Supersam
Construction work on Supersam

Advanced construction works are being conducted on ground storeys (up to the +2 level), while the fittings installation was already commenced at the underground level -1. Works on a diaphragm wall, foundation slab and ceiling of the 0 level were concluded. About 170 workers are involved in the construction process at present. They are supported by three tower cranes.

Constuction crews of Hochtief, a prime contractor of the building, use a prestressed concrete to built the ceilings. The technique is cheaper when compared to reinforced concrete ceilings and it involves far less steel reinforcement bars. The prestressed concrete’s construction is lighter and permits to erect the ceilings with longer unsupported spans, less number of pillars, what makes the building space more efficient to arrange by tenants.

The installation of four welded steel spans were finished in the turn of July and August. The historic spans had been used in the former hall of Supersam, which was demolished in summer 2013. The original building consisted of 10 spans placed at 11-meter spacing. The construction was designed by renowned prof. Stefan Bryła and erected in 1930s, and was unique because of the welded technique, a very modern solution at that time. To show the designer’s intention, Griffin Group decided that four original spans would be kept as a distinguishing feature of new Supersam.

Above the entire open space, there has been designed a roof lantern linked in its shape to the construction of the historic hall. The Supersam shopping center will house about 100 shops and service points. A car park will occupy the roof and part of third and fourth storeys. The underground part will provide retail space, as well as technical facilities, storage space and delivery area. The 42 800 sq. meters building – designed by Konior Studio – will be opened in autumn 2015.