Hochtief lays foundation for Supersam

Hochtief has been going deeper underground last months with construction works and lately reached the -1 level on Piotra Skargi St. where the prime contractor erects the Griffin Group’s Katowice project  – the Supersam shopping and entertainment center. First tower crane already appeared at the construction site and works are underway on the excavation.

Builders already finished the construction of a diaphragm wall, which was built to provide ground restraint when excavation proceeds. Ground works to remove soil from the excavation are being currently executed. Also, initial works on a foundation slab have been commenced and first cubic meters of concrete were poured.

Additionally, first tower crane was already mounted at the construction site. 53-meters tall machinery is the highest one of three which will be engaged to support the works on the shopping center. The remaining two cranes will reach the height of 46,5 and 39 meters.

According to the prime contractor’s estimation, about 5 500 tons of steel and 35 000 cubic meters of concrete will be used to erect the building.

The project scope includes construction of a building with five overground storeys (including two parking storeys)  and one underground floor. The new building will house about 100 shops and service points. The ground and first storeys will be commercial space occupied by shops and the second storey is designed for cinema, restaurants and recreational facilities. A car park for 400 vehicles will occupy the roof and part of third and fourth storeys. The underground part was prepared for retail purposes, as well as technical facilities, storage space and delivery area. A distinguishing feature of the investment is the main part of the building where fourth steel spans from the original welded construction of the old Supersam hall will be kept within the new structure.

The total area of the project will amount to 46 000 sq. meters of which 21 000 sq. meters are destined for retail and services. The construction works were begun in September 2013 and are scheduled to be completed in September 2015.