ICC will be temporarily managed by MOSiR

The Municipal Center for Sport and Recreation (MOSiR) in Katowice will be temporarily managing the International Convention Center and „Spodek”. This way, the seventh European Economic Congress will be held in the ICC without hindrance, according to unofficial information.

MOSiR has to manage the both buildings until the City Hall will sign a concessioneer agreement for services involving organization of events and management of the venues. Former efforts to choose the property manager came to naught. The European Commission rules say that the management services have to be carried out by a private operator selected in an open, transparent and non-discriminatory procedure. Thereby, the City Hall had to ask the EC – which provides financial support for the investment undertaking, if the new building can be temporarily managed by MOSiR. The commission has just confirmed its positive decision. It was crucial to give the green light for the organization of the European Economic Congress in the ICC.

MOSiR will be supported in the management process by the Katowice Convention Bureau, which became an independent unit of the City Hall since 1st of March 2015. Previously, it was part of the City Hall’s Department of Promotion. Now the bureau will be responsible for the promotion and organization of events in the ICC and „Spodek”.

The largest events to be held in the International Convention Center in the upcoming months include:

– Intel Extreme Masters and Intel ESL Expo (12th – 15th of March)

– Polish-Hungarian Days of Friendship (21st – 22nd of March)

– Katowice Open (6th – 12th of April)

– 7th European Economic Congress (22nd – 24th of April)