II stage of City Center redevelopment soon to be half-marked

The consortium of NDI and Balzola is conducting the development process of the Roundabout – Market Sq. area within the second stage of the City Center redevelopment. The works will soon be half-marked.

The construction crew’s efforts are mostly focused on Korfantego Av. and Pocztowa St. where a new road surface and pavements are being laid. The prime contractor is also finishing the demolition works on the „Centrum u Michalika” building – located between „Superjednostka” and Korfantego Av. – where a new road called Śródmiejska will be built.

„The works on the second stage of the City Center redevelopment are about 45 percent done. The contract says we have 18 months to finish the construction process since it was started and the official delivery date does not change” – says Wojciech Pałczyński, project manager at NDI S.A. The works were commenced on the 22nd of February this year and according to the schedule are to be finished the same day in August 2014.

Within the contract worth gross PLN 85,74 million, NDI and Balzola will redevelop, among others, Pocztowa and Młyńska streets, the section of Korfantego Av. between the “Ziętka” Roundabout and Moniuszki St. The companies will also build new Śródmiejska St. situated along the “Superjednostka” building and will prepare a mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic road in the area. The redevelopment of the “Rawa” river’s bed between the “Superjednostka” and “Korfantego 1A” buildings is also included in the investment process.

Moreover, the consortium will conduct some demolition works above the ground and under the ground on buildings, elements of street architecture, the tram tracks, the existing pavements, and elements of the technical infrastructure. The works also embrace the development of public spaces – laying new pavements, planting, erection of tram sheds and elements of street infrastructure.